Services for Schools

Owl and Pyramid offers the following services to schools

Author Events


We can arrange for authors to come and visit your school.

Most authors charge for their time and travel, and rates may vary, so it's difficult to say beforehand how much a visit and talk might cost.


However, once we've decided on a date, and which children will be involved, then Owl and Pyramid will make arrangements and bring in the author.


We have a pop up shop on the day so that children can buy books and have them signed. Sometimes authors will visit for free, usually as part of a publicity tour. In this case the publishers may have requirements of advance orders which can be discussed.

Topic Boxes


If you're about to embark on a new topic, especially if it is being taught across classes or year groups, a topic box can be invaluable. Tell me the topic or theme, the age group and your budget.  We will then do the research and send you a list of proposed titles with images, format and prices. Once you have chosen and the books have been ordered they will be delivered to school. A lidded box for easy portability will be provided separately and at no additional cost.

We can provide the same service for library top ups, classroom libraries and books for occasions such as prize givings.
Books can be ordered via email, over the phone or in person.


We can offer a 10% discount as standard on school orders, with the exception of some educational titles which have a smaller discount from the publishers. Orders over £400 have 15% discount. Delivery to schools is free.

Book orders are invoiced to the school or PTA (sometimes local organisations such as Lions if they are paying). Terms are 30 days, or by the end of the school year, whichever is sooner.

Library Audits

Jenny will work with your librarian/literacy lead, to audit your library resources, providing lists of titles to suit the needs and budget of your school. Discounts and terms on books ordered as above.


You can arrange a year group or staff meeting in the shop to look at books for up coming themes and topics. Let us know your focus and we'll have suitable books and information ready for you to look at and discuss. No charge for the time and space, free cup of coffee and usual school discounts apply.