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We're passionate about books at Owl and Pyramid, and we hope we'll inspire you to discover a love of books as well.​ We stock a wide range of books from babies and toddlers first books to the newest fiction for teenagers and young adults, right through to books for adults.

 Owl & Pyramid Awards

Books of the Month

Childrens Book of the month

Anna Milbourne and Asa (Illustrator) Gilland

​Being kind is super important, but it isn't always easy. Using a goodhearted, enthusiastic little boy's perspective, a lot of sensitivity and a little gentle humour, this story explores the potential pitfalls of trying to be kind, and what being kind really means. To be truly kind, it turns out, you have to try to look at things from other people's points of view.

Delicate laser cut holes accumulate as the pages are turned to show how kindness feels and how it can spread from person to person.

Fiction book of the month 

Sarah Winman

1944, in the ruined wine cellar of a Tuscan villa, as bombs fall around them, two strangers meet and share an extraordinary evening. Ulysses Temper is a young British soldier, Evelyn Skinner is a sexagenarian art historian and possible spy. She has come to Italy to salvage paintings from the wreckage and relive memories of the time she encountered EM Forster and had her heart stolen by an Italian maid in a particular Florentine room with a view.

Evelyn's talk of truth and beauty plants a seed in Ulysses' mind that will shape the trajectory of his life - and of those who love him - for the next four decades. Moving from the Tuscan Hills and piazzas of Florence, to the smog of London's East End, Still Life is a sweeping, joyful novel about beauty, love, family and fate

Books for Babies 

Board books, cloth books, stories and counting books. We have a wide range of books to captivate your babies and toddlers and start them off on their lifelong love of reading.


Early Readers


We have a well stocked section of simple chapter books for children who are beginning to read independently but may still need a little support. Many of the books in this section are also suitable for dyslexic children as the print is clear and widely spaced. 


Picture Books

From classics to the newest stories, we have a wide stock of picture books to delight younger children. These have been carefully chosen with both illustration and text in mind to entertain both children and the adults who read with them.



For older, independent readers

Choose from comedy adventures, animal stories, books with magical characters, science fiction, stories set in the past and much more.  I'm always happy to help and advise you choose the right books for your children, and to match readers up with the content that most suits


Activity books

We also have a large selection of activity books, such as sticker books, puzzle books, colouring and workbooks to keep children busy. 



Adult Fiction

We have a good selection of adult fiction books to suit everyone.


Adult Non Fiction

We also have a good selection of non fiction books for adults.


Let us Help you find a book


If you really want a book and you can't find it, let us order it for you.

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